Peritus launch bespoke live debt pricing system

18 August 2021

Peritus has always been focused on providing its clients with the most up to date information on their proposals. We have invested in a number of software systems such Realyse, Co-Star, Real Estate Capital and others to ensure we are fully informed on the overall real estate market. We are now delighted to announce we have built our own bespoke system which can provide us live pricing data on comparable debt transactions. This system will allow us to advise our clients of live market pricing data based on their individual requirements.


Screen shot of software


The system tracks all of our facilities over a defined time period. The screenshot is based on transactions in 2020/21 and shows we have received terms for clients on 142 deals for 75 clients and for a total value of £1.5bn. It also shows average LTV and LTC, margin and total Cost of Funds (focussed on development facilities).

This screen below shows all facilities on a UK map and can be split by asset class and location. This allows us to use other systems to provide actual property comparables to support an application. This allows Peritus to provide accurate pricing and realistic comparables to lenders which helps expedite an application as lenders have realistic data for their modelling.


Screenshot of Software


We can also provide asset class led analysis based on LTV and also pricing by the lender as well as access to custom notes on each transaction. The full system also takes data from a variety of sources to allow us to see market counterparties and what other lenders have funded both in the UK and Europe. We also have live market data for LIBOR, SONIA and swap rates to accurately consider total costs of funds.

Our bespoke system coupled with external systems clearly sets Peritus apart from its competitors and provides our clients with an unrivalled level of data and analysis into every transaction we work on.