Michelle's Musings 2

12 April 2021

2021 introduced itself to us like a limp, slightly damp handshake.

No big celebrations, the only fireworks were on the TV.  It arrived without pomp and ceremony and plonked itself upon us. 

Kids went back to school, oh no wait, that only lasted a day! We were told to continue under the current restrictions and to wait until the 22nd February before knowing more about restrictions being eased. So we had 7 weeks ahead of us. Super. 

Interestingly, whilst business was not booming it was steady with a diverse range of enquiries. It became apparent very quickly that retail and hospitality continued not to be attractive propositions to lenders.

January was wet and chilly. Long muddy walks at the weekend (unfortunately not always with the lure of a cake as not all cafes were open offering takeaway) broke up the mundane a little. 

My mum got her first vaccine in January which she was very relieved about. 

January turned into February and with that bought even colder weather. Our front & back gardens started to be landscaped (we’d agreed this in summer last year!). Oh the mess!! And the dust...everywhere! 

February also saw the publication of B&C’s top 40 most influential people in finance for 2021. And I only bloomin’ got included in the list! To say I was chuffed would be an understatement! 

22nd February arrived and Boris told the country what most of us wanted to hear.  We have a timeline, we have some hope and we have dates that everyone is hoping can be met. There’s a lot of ifs and buts but if all goes to plan, restrictions start being lifted very slowly from 29th March. 

February limped into March and I received a text inviting me to have the vaccine! Don’t mind if I do! My husband wasn’t impressed (he’s older than me) but I wasn’t going to argue. I’ve had my first dose (no side effects other than a heavy achy arm for the rest of the day)...he got his 3 weeks later.  He had some side effects but it seems the norm for the AZ vaccine.

Both front and back gardens are now fully landscaped and look fabulous!  Some planting still to be done but we can’t wait for warmer weather to really enjoy it. 

We finally had people round in the garden at Easter (obviously adhering to the rule of 6) and enjoyed a BBQ. The sun shone (a bit) and it was so nice to have a bit of a social life!

Because we’ve been told that, if all the stars align, all restrictions will be eased on the 21st June, we can tentatively start to look forward to things. Gigs, festivals, holidays. But caveated with that is the 3rdwave in Europe which could severly impact any overseas travel.  Time will tell.

Spring has bought with it tentative buds of hope which I am holding on tight to. It’s not easy, I have down days, bored with the tedium and desperate to do ‘something’ but I try and stay positive as much as I can. My son lives in the Czech Republic and he’s on lockdown number 4! 

The sun is shining a little bit more, days are getting longer and we get to see people...in person – not on a screen! 

Stay positive, check in on people, be kind to one another and most importantly, let’s look forward to better times ahead.