Building Control – What is it? Why do I need it? How do I get it?

17 May 2022

What is the purpose of building control?

All building work carried out should meet current building codes and regulation requirements. All building projects need to be considered. Building control services ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the building regulations and associated legislation. Building control surveyors check that building work complies with the building regulations, a set of standards intended to protect people's safety, health and welfare in and around built environments.


Who’s responsibility is it to ensure building codes and regulations are met?

It is the responsibility of those carrying out the work to ensure that the provisions of the regulations are fully met. The role of building control is only to check that they do so.


The function of building control:  

  • Encourage innovation to produce energy-efficient and sustainable buildings
  • Support local, regional and national businesses
  • Educate and inform building professionals, contractors and tradespeople
  • Defend vulnerable communities and householders
  • Drive out rogue traders
  • Safeguard the investments of individuals and companies
  • Enhance access for disabled, sick, young and old people
  • Protect the community from dangerous structures
  • Provide advice in support of the emergency services
  • Ensure sports grounds and public venues are safe for crowds


What are the penalties when a building or structure isn’t approved by building control?

Building control companies have unique powers under the Building Act 1984 to enforce the building regulations and alter or remove non-compliant building work.

The company or person doing your construction work could be prosecuted and fined if the work doesn't meet building regulations and your local authority could make you pay for faulty work to be fixed. And severe and persistent cases of failure to meet building standards can result in legal action and a fine.


Who provides building control?

Local authority and private building control companies.


How can we help?

Peritus Group works in partnership with private building control companies. One of the many benefits of this is that our clients can access pre-construction advice and consultation free of charge. We also work with companies that provide both building control and build warranties, offering developers peace of mind that their building control company is aligned with the warranty provider resulting in reduced costs and reducing the number of people visiting the site.


For more information on building control and build warranties call Doreen on 07892 728 779 or email